Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Summer Haps

I'm incredibly bored, and lack energy to do anything productive, so I thought I'd post about our lives since MARCH. Woah.

Evie just turned TWO! She is such a sweetie. She is able to communicate her feelings very well for a two year old, so we are not having as many tantrums as we used to have. She makes us laugh every day and Keith and I are always quoting her when we are together. "Noo wike it." for when she doesn't like something, and "Wook at me" when she's disciplining her toys. Today Keith and I were being lovey dovey in the kitchen, and out of nowhere she says "EEEEWW!" lol I don't know where she gets it, but we love her and her little personality.

We started potty training her a couple months ago! She got the hang of it pretty quick, but she's still having accidents here and there. I kinda got lazy with it for a while and she still wears diapers when we are out and about, and when she sleeps. Still, we are saving a ton on diapers!

Keith has started a new position at work. So far he is liking it okay. It's not as great as we thought it would be, but it's a step in the right direction at least. He used to have the night shift, and now he has the swing shift. So we have to get used to a whole new schedule at home, too. Before, I had to keep a toddler quiet until 5 or 6 in the evening while Keith slept, but now it's just til about noon. And Keith used to leave for work after Evie had gone to bed, but now he leaves right after she wakes up from her nap. Now we have to say goodbye for 30 minutes so she doesn't flip out. We have big lunches as a family now instead of big dinners, and playdates with friends are scheduled in the evenings. It's kinda crazy, but we're getting used to it! One great thing is that now on his days off, we can actually go places and do fun things because he isn't sleeping ALL day.

We've added a new member to the family, but I'm still not sure if we're keeping her or not. She still doesn't have a name.  We've had her for like 2 months now. It's a hard decision for me, okay?!
We found her abandoned by her mother and starving to death in Keith's parents' backyard. I caught her and we tried to take her to the humane society but they were all either closed or not accepting cats that day. We couldn't just put her back under the shed she was dying under, so we took her to the animal hospital and got her all cleaned up and fixed up. We took her home and nursed her back to health that's where she has stayed. Nooni doesn't like her, but Evie LOVES her, and she loves Evie, so how can I get rid of her now? Life is full of tough choices, innn'it?

  Here she is two weeks later!
The name "Lunchmeat" is on her records. Evie calls her "Baby Kitty" but when we ask her what the kitty's name is she says "Ag-e-wah." - No idea where that came from. 

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